The Treasure Hunt is on . . .

So Exciting! My first draft of The Treasure Hunt was completed in an adrenaline-caffeine frenzy in the last weeks of 2010! What a rush! Finally finished! I’ve heard it said that anyone who completes a novel, whether it ever wins the approval of a publisher, should be proud of themselves. And that’s how I feel. Sure, I know I will make changes before I call it finished, but the feeling of knowing that I’ve pulled it off–written 290 pages of words, 73,383 of them to be exact–whoa!

So, here are a few words to summarize a few hundred:

The Treasure Hunt –
A treasure hunt could be the least of Mia’s concerns. Her deceased grandmother’s parting treasure hunt opens up possibilities and paranoia as Mia tries to find the clues before they disappear – or are stolen. While Mia is trying to get through the treasure hunt, unexplained circumstances keep pointing the way back to the Christianity her grandmother embraced before her death. This book also deals sensitively with the issue of drug use by a parent in a
manner appropriate for any age group.

Target Audience –
The Treasure Hunt is designed to appeal to young adults who enjoy the idea of hidden treasure, getting gifts, or mysteries. It will be a great gift to give to a non-Christian to explain the simplicity of the gospel message, as well as a book that a teen would buy for themselves for the genre.

Previews –
My baby is now in the hands of my 24 previewers, 12 teens and 12 adults–brave people who have chosen to read it through and give me their honest opinions. So far the comments I’ve heard have been encouraging.

“It’s really good so far! I showed it to some of my friends and they like it so far too!” – Teen Previewer

“From a Christian perspective, I really like where this is going! Between Dante’s and the Bible she received from Grams, I look forward to reading more!” – Teen Previewer

“I was very touched by your description of Mia’s relationship with Grams and how she was dealing with her death. I think it sounds very genuine for someone who has lost a loved one and, for those kids who haven’t, it is explained quite well. I actually got tears in my eyes toward the end of the chapter.” – Adult Previewer

“I’m enjoying the story very much. I really like the variety of clues so far and introducing the character of the boy next door.” – Adult Previewer


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