Well, thppbt! Who says I can’t write book two in a month? So what if it took over a decade for book one? That was just practice. I was learning the trade, practicing the art of learn-as-you-go education. It was a DIY education. This is my big chance to find out how much I’ve learned, while at the least getting that first draft of the second in the series finished so I can rest during the month of December and return to family and friends to enjoy the Christmas season. But only 50,000 words? That’s 20,000 words short! Well, we’ll see how it plays out. I’m doing the math here . . . I did the first draft of the last third of book one in a little over a month . . . oh no. This isn’t going to be easy. . . .

If I appear preoccupied next month, there’s a reason. My head will be full of characters, so if you don’t want to be my next antagonist, don’t antagonize me!

And will someone please come rake my leaves! I can’t spare the twenty hours.


3 thoughts on “Na-Na-Na-NaNo!

  1. Have fun, Joy! I tried this last year. Admittedly I had the additional challenge of a a big move right at the beginning of the challenge, so there was little chance of my actually succeeding! But–maybe I’ll try again? I dunno–I’ll have to see.

  2. I thought about taking this on, but I don’t write fiction (yet) and in the words of Nehemiah, “I am doing a good work and I cannot come down.” Too many projects to get to my goal.

    1. Just for the record, there is a percentage of people who join NaNoWriMo to work on non-fiction. Although, the way you blog, you really don’t need this method of working. One other goal I’d like to work on is having a more productive blog life.

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