God Glimpses #20 – 2 WILD 4 U


The second I pulled close to this car, jealousy ensued.

4Runner,  2WLD4U license plate . . . Adventure!

Seriously, images of myself with a rifle, highjacking said car, crossed my mind.

Then I remembered that I was driving my daughter back from a non-visit with a specialist. Why a non-visit? Because I had the day right, but the month was wrong. I make my own adventures. Who needs to go to the wilds for adventure?

For all I knew, that person ahead of me might be miserable down south in Philadelpha, sweating in shorts, while I was bundled up for the cold, wishing for spring.

It’s all perspective. God says don’t look on other people’s things, their lives, look to your own. Do what you’re supposed to do. Be who He made you to be.

Embrace your own adventure. There is so much good to see where we are.


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