~ A Chip off the Ol’ Block

2015-10-08 18.13.24

While you’re wherever you are, I’m back home in Indiana, laughing with my dad. You can be sure of it.

If there is humor to be found, we’ll find it. If there’s something to laugh at, we’ll laugh at it. If there’s nothing to laugh about, we’ll probably laugh anyway. That’s how we deal with the hard stuff, how we cope with the uncope-able, and survive the un-fixable.

Mostly, though, we laugh because no matter how bad life is, life is good. When it comes to the end of the day, we have so much more to be thankful for than we have to complain about. For every bad, there are a thousand goods. A thousand things to delight in.

I’m a chip off the ol’ block. Same quirky sense of humor, same a lot of things. When I get together with my dad, or even talk to him on the phone, it feels like the missing part of me is back in place. All is right with my world. We get each other. We can talk for hours or sit in silence for hours and it’s all the same.

Ah, God Glimpses ~ That’s the same way I feel when I’m in the right place with my heavenly father. That warm feeling of love and acceptance, that we’re on the same side and seeing the world through the same eyes. Yes, there is much to see that’s sad and makes us mad, and much we can’t do a thing about, because people have to make their own decisions and live with the consequences. But we can laugh through the tears, and we can laugh in the joy of our love, and we can delight in the incomparable beauty of the world and the people he created.

We have so much to talk about!

I think I’ll go tell him about all the delightful things I’m seeing today.


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