I began as a landscape artist and my experience grew to include surface design, sculpture, mold making, illustration and portraiture. My art work has been applied to ceramic tile, dinnerware, lighting, and gift ware. For a few years I painted portraits of professional athletes and met many while attending shows, spending hours sitting next to them while my husband chatted with their wives! At one point I produced a line of ceramic and cold cast designs. My Christmas angel ornaments were used by the White House as special gifts in 1994. I’m currently adding to a series of paintings meant to be displayed in churches.


I was Co-Founder and Senior Editor for the student publication J.A.M. Magazine (under Lifewerks, Inc.) from 1997-2000.

With a background in the print industry, and my art and writing interests as well as knowledge in the field of horticulture/gardening, I realized that it was time to combine all these into a garden journal. The Garden Journal, Planner & Log Book is the result and is featured on the Books and Writing Page. There will be several log books in the Garden Journal series, as well as a wildlife series. I am also working on a mystery series for young adults.


I’m a church-planting pastor’s wife and mother of two young adult daughters, and co-founder of Lifewerks, Inc., a non-profit. In my role as MSC Missionary I use art to teach and reach people for Christ, teaming up with groups such as mission teams to do outreach events and do real ministry. Our family lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.