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Escape to Green

 The reality of this beautiful scene of God’s greenery is that the path
was filled with litter and evidence of a teen hang-out.
When I look at this painting I see the grittiness of life and eternity all intermingled.
We can see the grandeur of God if we can hold our emotions and the ugliness of life at bay
and decide to see God only in His Holiness.

White Harvest, Dark Sky

 Storm clouds roll in, and yet the wheat is standing in the field.
All will be lost if the wheat is not harvested before the rain falls.

Jesus told us that our prayers should not be for the harvest, but for the laborers. “The fields are white unto harvest.”

If people fail to respond to the gospel message, it is not because there are no people willing to listen,
but because there are not enough committed Christians willing to let their lives be a living example
of the goodness of God to those around them.

And for those who feel that they have worked hard and done their part – look to the fields!
As long as the grain stands, it is not too late!

Matthew 9:37, 38

Pick Me!

     God places a call on each of our lives to share the wealth of what He has given to us. In 2 Chronicles 16:9 it says that the eyes of the Lord run back and forth throughout the entire earth so that He can show Himself strong on behalf of those who are loyal to Him. What a comfort! When we feel that we are alone in this world, and that no one cares for us or the message, we all need to remember that we are servants of the King. It is He who asked us in the first place, “Who will go for us?”


We are free in Christ when we let Him have control of our lives. To submit to His lordship is to gain a freedom not possible with any other kind of liberation. Whether in a prison that is physical, imposed by forces outside ourselves, or a product of our imagination, in sickness or even facing death, our spirits can know a freedom that is beyond the understanding of the human mind.

Happy as a Pig in Mud

Life is crazy but I’m as happy as a pig in mud! I couldn’t resist painting this picture a few years ago. Sometimes life gets so overwhelming that’s it’s stupid, and Satan’s attempts to discourage get laughable. How dare he think that we would give up such a precious assurance? I can sit in the midst of it all, wiggle my behind in the muck and grin! God is Good, all the time!


2 thoughts on “Prints

  1. Goodness, thanks for the beautiful pictures and words. I love your way of describing things! Im cracking up in my spirit reading along with you. Thanks so much!!

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