The Garden Journal, Planner, & Log Book:

Garden Journal Final Front Cover

Repeat successes & learn from mistakes with complete personal garden records. 28 adaptable year-round forms

This book of forms is the result of my years of gardening experience, my farm background, what I learned working for J. Franklin Styer Nurseries, and my love of botanical watercolors and drawing. To see more about the book, go to, or order directly from Amazon. Use the website for bulk purchasing for fund-raisers, clubs or retail orders. A portion of every book sold supports our non-profit Giving Garden food pantry.


The Garden Diary, Journal & Log Book:


A simpler version of the Garden Journal, Planner & Log Book.









It’s only one semester: The D.I.Y. Student Planner:












The Treasure Hunt Series: 

– A Slice of Glass

The final treasure hunt from Mia’s beloved grandmother, meant to ease the pain of their parting, should provide Mia with the support she will need to deal with her parents. Instead, the treasure hunt opens up threats to her family and her treasure as Mia tries to find the clues before they disappear. Did Gram realize as she wove the mystery of the clues with the mystery of the real treasure that her own family might try to sabotage what she meant for good? This book is ready for publication, waiting until book two is near completion.

 – A Prism Split

A Prism Split


The image you see to the left is a mock-up of my second book in The Treasure Hunt series, in progress.




If you would like to join my previewer’s Dream Team, contact me and I will add you to my e-mail list for my works in progress (WIP) freebie edits. That means you get to read my WIP’s for free and I get your opinion for free. What a great trade!

A few highlights from the past:

Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Magazine

January, 2012;”What if I Don’t Feel Like It?” Explores the difficulty of praising when we don’t feel like it, and why it is a necessity.


Guideposts Extraordinary Answers to Prayer: In Times of Change.

This is book # 11 in the series. 
“The Exact and Perfect Answer” is the story I wrote for this book.  In a moment of stress and frustration I had the nerve to pray the most presumptuous prayer of my life — and God answered it! He didn’t just answer it, He answered it in every detail, and with humor besides! That one event changed my prayer life forever. Never again would I doubt that God loves me, or that He can and will occasionally orchestrate people and events — sometimes overnight — for no other reason than to say, “I love you!”

This is a wonderful collection of true stories written by people who have heard from God in a real, direct way as they faced times in their lives when change was necessary and direction needed.

Starsongs Magazine – a brand new online magazine written by young people to inspire young people.

To see this magazine, click here.

I was the contributing adult guest writer for the Winter 2010-11 issue, with an article about the  magazine I published and edited in the late 1990’s that was also written by teens for teens.