God Glimpses #28 – Wearing King’s Colors

crocuses - purple

Purple crocuses in a sea of brown.¬†Royalty amongst peasants. ¬†The world around them long dead, while they wear king’s colors.

Boldly pressing skyward, blessing us with promise.

Hope is possible!

Did you put on your purple robe today?



God Glimpses #9 – Hope of Life

crocus row - yellow

Yellow crocuses springing out of mud. Hope in tiny promise packages. Whenever I picture the scene of Christ on the cross, I envision Him gazing at the ground through swollen and bloody eyelids at a single crocus coming up through the mud at His mother’s feet. Knowing the anguish of separation from his family, his disciples, and of His Father God, He looks to the joy of new life, new hope, and promises fulfilled.

Photo taken today in my front yard. Hope!