~ Grow where you’re Planted


Seeing this Wild Ginger coming up in the broken pathway reminded me of this phrase.

There are times in life when we wonder how we got where we are. Most times it’s the end result of our own actions. Occasionally, we are clueless.

Either way, the only way to improve our situation is to make the best of where we are until we earn our way out, or until God allows us out.

The way out is always the result of praise and gratitude. With gratitude comes a positive attitude. But praise comes first, not as a result. When we praise in faith, then our circumstances can improve, or our hearts will learn to accept that they won’t.

The result will be praise that is felt from the heart.

We may or may not leave the pavement crack for the company of a flower bed, but either way, with gratitude we will flourish.


~ What are your Chances?

8-26-14 037

You’ve all tried these machines ~ or worse yet, had the lovely experience of watching your child come to grips with the odds of winning a prize out of these rigged monsters of greed.

Relying on God’s promises isn’t a crap-shoot ~ it’s faith.

There is no risk involved in faith. It feels that way ~ it’s a scary thing letting go of our own self-reliance and trusting God.

“Stepping out in faith” feels like it carries the same odds as playing one of these games (invented by the devil himself, I’m quite sure.)

Here’s what’s at the heart of faith ~ faith is the opposite of trusting in ourselves. The reason the world at large has such a huge problem with faith is that faith is the crucial issue of our existence. Are we going to trust in a being we can’t see to have all the answers to the problems that are bigger than we? There is too much we can’t solve, too many unanswered questions, too much everything.

And yet, we all–believers and unbelievers, innately turn first to self-reliance. While all along there are answers and promises and instructions for all aspects of life the second we let go of self-reliance and simply refuse to play the losing game.

~ Misty Mystery in a Fog

2015-04-03 15.20.06-1

Home ~ That’s where I’m headed. In less than 24 hours I’ll be home.

Indiana, here I come, right back where I started from! I’ll get to gently hug my tiny mom and get a bear hug from my dad. My sis and I will share a big fluffy hug (ahem) and I’ll probably have to peel my niece off after awhile. The next day my other sister arrives, and it will start all over again.

The painting above is from my Misty Mystery series. It’s not my home in Indiana, but the scene evokes the feeling I’m having about home.

What do you think this painting portrays? Who do you think the dog is waiting for?

I know how I feel about going home, and I hope my family feels the same way about my visit. It’s a feeling of excitement, and longing, and joy, mixed with the regret that it doesn’t happen more often.

Will I have to wait to hug one of them in heaven after this week? Reality tells me that it’s quite possible. My parents are aging, and so am I. The only thing certain in life is that there are no guarantees except that we will all one day die, and when we do, we’ll leave behind the ones who love us.

They will be the ones in the fog, longing for home.

Because home is where the heart is, and for those secure in the promises of God, home can only be heaven.

I’m feeling like this dog feels, longing for my master.