~ Running Away . . . to Play

DSC_0117 Do you ever want to just run away?

Sometimes a play break sounds sooo tempting! I don’t mean the kind where you enjoy playing a video game or crafting, but really playing. As in, run around in the woods, climb a tree, explore a playhouse. Be a kid. Again.

I understand wanting to escape work. I really do. Especially on days like today when the technology wasn’t working, and going to help sites didn’t help.┬áRunning into the woods would have been wonderful. Except it was cold and snowing, and I had a deadline.

Ah, rats.

In the midst of my work, I came across this photo of the playhouse at our campground. Ah, instant peace! Almost as good as actually being there.

Sometimes the playing simply needs to take place in our minds. Just as an aroma can take us straight back through the decades to a favorite memory of a meal, a picture can take us to a place of respite.

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of green woods, memories made sharp with sounds and smells and sensations. Just looking at this photo brings the buzzing of insects, the chirping of birds, the rustle of leaves, the itch of . . . oh, nevermind. Let’s leave the mosquitoes for summer, when it’s not snowing.

Isn’t it awesome how that we can read a verse, a phrase in God’s word, and instantly our minds can go to a future we don’t yet know, a perfection we can’t comprehend, and yet . . . we’re there.


God Glimpses # 17 – Poison Frogs

poison frog

This little guy was behind glass for a good reason. He’s so poisonous that even a touch would mean death to the touch-ee. (At this point in the tour with the university professor, I had to wonder how the natives extract the poison for their darts, but was afraid to find out.)

So many God glimpses here! Isn’t it nice that He made them brightly colored and patterned, so that they are easily noticed? I learned that this and several other species, also brilliantly colored, have incredible value to the medical community. Like so many things that will kill us, in small doses, the same poisons are useful.

The Bible tells us to be moderate in our lifestyle, don’t run to excess. For some things, a little goes a long way, for others, a concerted effort is needed, at least for a time. Teeny poison frogs . . . a lesson in balance.